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michael goldstein

Introducing Michael Goldstein, Keynote Speaker for Exceed Network’s Fundraiser

Michael Goldstein, former Chairman of the Board of Toys “R” Us Inc., was involved with Toys “R” Us for over…MORE >


Does Your Business Have a Clean Bill of Financial Health?

When it comes to a successful business, financial health is imperative. Financial health consists of knowing the business’s financial needs…MORE >


Expanding Your Presence to the Online Marketplace

Many believe that all brands should expand beyond brick-and-mortar stores and brand websites to sell to the online marketplace. Before…MORE >


Is Your Product Ready for the Big Leagues?

Getting into the retail major leagues is the dream for most brands. Have you ever envisioned your products on the…MORE >


Exceed Network Presents Online Marketplaces: Making the Sale

Selling on the online marketplace has become another avenue for many brands to expand. However, there can be many things…MORE >

Solomon Hedaya

Solomon Hedaya Talks about Building his Business and Changing the Game of the Handbag Industry

Solomon Hedaya’s journey to starting his own company started unexpectedly. After graduating from New York University’s Stern School of Business,…MORE >

LT apparel

Richard Sutton of LT Apparel Group Talks about Targeting New Accounts and Creating a Need for the Retailer

Richard Sutton is the CEO of LT Apparel Group (formally known as Lollytogs, LTD). The company has a rich history…MORE >

tawil associates

Mitchell Tawil of Tawil Associates Talks about Relevancy and Due Diligence before Approaching a New Account

Tawil Associates, trading under “The Mayfair Company”, was established in 1950 by five brothers: Moe, Ted, Ike, Fred & Jack…MORE >

idb bank

Alain Mehani of Israel Discount Bank Schools Us on Seeking Capital for Your Business and Crowdfunding

Alain started his career in banking in 1995 with the Public National Bank. He worked with the bank through the…MORE >

hedaya capital

Alfred Hedaya and Elina Baldgula of Hedaya Capital Explains the Process of Factoring and the Downside of Crowdfunding

Hedaya Capital was started 10 years ago. The family-owned and operated bank caters to the financial needs of small businesses….MORE >