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Allan Levy Interview

How did you get involved with Exceed Network?

About 10 years ago, I started volunteering on a couple of projects both helping businesses directly and working with Exceed’s administration assigning cases, working on client development and marketing, and expanding the loan program. I was invited to join the board of directors, and served briefly as interim president of the organization.

What inspires you about volunteering for Exceed?

There are two things that really keep me engaged and inspired. One is the client who absorbs the team’s knowledge and guidance and executes on it. Second, it’s really incredible to see volunteers and board members passionate to help others succeed.

Can you share your favorite story of a client you worked with?

My most recent break out success story started ten years ago, when a young man approached us wanting to grow his retail business, which was generating about $200,000 a year. Hymie Betesh and I were the advisors on the case, and together we guided the business to generate $1 million a year. At that point we expanded the team to include Joey Harary and a few others who had experience with larger businesses to help launch something bigger. The client absorbed all the information, and within 6 years, turned his small startup into a firm that generated over $20 million. He recently sold his company to a billion dollar corporation, where he will take responsibility for growing other businesses within the organization. They have confidence in his ability to execute based on his 10-year track record.

What is Exceed’s impact on the broader community?

Small business owners can shave years off their wealth trajectory by culling knowledge from people who’ve been there, and are able to offer guidance. All our events are free, and we make speakers’ contact information available so attendees can follow up. By empowering someone who’s struggling to make a living to grow their business and give back to the community, it’s saving someone’s dignity.

How do you see Exceed evolving as the business environment changes?

The biggest shift we’re experiencing is migrating from being known as an organization focused on survival, to an organization that assists in growth. We aren’t moving away from our core mandate to step in when a business is struggling, but we are expanding to include more educational and networking events.

Also we’ll continue to offer more networking and learning opportunities, including broadcast educational opportunities, online seminars, so people can contact speakers from two years ago to ask them questions.

All our events are free.  People can come up with a business idea, vet it by writing a business plan, and if it’s a solid idea, we’ll put a team together to help them bring it from concept to execution.

What message would you like to share with readers?

We’d like to see even more people participate and enjoy the benefits we’re offering. If you’re not sure if you should come in, come in. We have a lot of volunteers who enjoy helping.


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