Boardroom Series with Ikey Chera

The latest event in Exceed Network’s Boardroom Series was held on March 27th at Exceed’s offices located at WeWork 5th…MORE >

Michael and Laura

Exceed Network Under 30 Spotlight: Laura and Michael Dweck of Basic Outfitters

Basic Outfitters is an online service that allows men to ‘Create-a-Drawer’ consisting of up to 19 basics including socks, underwear,…MORE >


EN Boardroom Series with Mark Adjmi and Allan Levy

Exceed Network is proud to announce the Boardroom Series, designed to engage and inform Exceed members and other entrepreneurs in…MORE >


Boardroom Series: Marketing with Allan Levy 2.6.17

    Learn how to communicate better with your existing consumers, use data to deliver marketing wins, and understand the…MORE >


Boardroom Series: Licensing & Branding with Mark Adjmi 1.16.17

Join Mark Adjmi at the first of our Boardroom Series on Monday, January 16th and learn what it means to…MORE >

Exeq Isaac Screen Shot

Exceed Network Under 30 Spotlight: Isaac J. Kassin of Exeq

Exceed Under 30 Spotlight- November 21, 2016 Interview with Isaac J. Kassin, Head of Marketing Founded in June 2015,…MORE >

big boc article

Selling the Big Box Retailers- 11/7/16

Selling the Big Box Retailers- November 7th, 2016 On November 7th, 2016, Exceed Network hosted its second annual Selling the…MORE >


Judaic Principles of Success in Business 11/14/16

Judaic Principles of Success in Business  November 29, 2016 On November 14, 2016, an intimate crowd gathered at the offices…MORE >


Learning to Code with Flatiron School 11/16/16

Learning to Code Event hosted by Exceed Network at the WeWork Incubator Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Avi Flombaum, co-founder &…MORE >

Judaic Principles of Success eMail (3)-page-001

Judaic Principles of Success in Business- 11/14

Understand how the Jewish values of optimisim, perserverance, and gratitude foster success. Speakers: Rabbi Richard Tobias Young Adult Leader of…MORE >