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5 ways to make hiring a consultant

5 Ways to Make Hiring a Consultant Pay Off

  The thought of hiring a consultant can be both terrifying and exciting. Consultants, with their specific expertise and vast…MORE >


Challenge of the Month

Manny’s Novelties imports pens and stationery from China to sell to big-box retailers. The company’s cost structure is as follows:…MORE >


Xcelerator: WHOLESALE

EXCEED Network Presents 6 Week Program: Wholesale      Topics include:                     …MORE >



Tighter lending rules for small businesses since the financial crisis have left many seeking alternative ways to get funding. Crowdfunding,…MORE >


Does Your Business Have a Clean Bill of Financial Health?

When it comes to a successful business, financial health is imperative. Financial health consists of knowing the business’s financial needs…MORE >

idb bank

Alain Mehani of Israel Discount Bank Schools Us on Seeking Capital for Your Business and Crowdfunding

Alain started his career in banking in 1995 with the Public National Bank. He worked with the bank through the…MORE >

hedaya capital

Alfred Hedaya and Elina Baldgula of Hedaya Capital Explains the Process of Factoring and the Downside of Crowdfunding

Hedaya Capital was started 10 years ago. The family-owned and operated bank caters to the financial needs of small businesses….MORE >


Abby Parsonnet of Webster Bank Discusses Cash Flow and Different Forms of Financing

Abby Parsonnet started her career in finance at Irving Trust Company. Afterwards, she joined Chase Manhattan Bank in 1990. Abby…MORE >


14 Stocks that are Expected to Sizzle this Summer

According to USA Today, the weather won’t be the only thing that’s hot this summer. Investors should pay special attention…MORE >

How to Get the Attention of Venture Capitalist When You Don’t Know a Soul

Charlie Shrem got creative when his business was growing and he needed funds quickly—or he’d have to turn away business….MORE >