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This Executive Station earned the 2012 Innovation Award and will debut this month. The iPad communicates with the keyboard via Bluetooth and allows you to type onto your iPad and listen to music via the speakers on the sides. This will be available in hotel rooms and in the retail market.  Far Right, from top to bottom: 1. SDI Technologies Headquarters in Rahway, NJ. 2. iHome is one of just four companies with the license to use the Air Play technology. Now, the iPhone acts as a remote control and communicates wirelessly with these stylish speakers. 3.  Products show the history of the company, including Realtone radios and SounDesign stereos. 4.Waldorf Astoria wanted SDI to design their own iPod dock with a larger footprint than the average iHome and a hi-fi look. This docking station is at the bedside in every Waldorf hotel room.

Keeping Pace with Apple

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