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Volunteers Speak

Honest Advice

“There were a number of people over the years that were encouraging and gave me honest guidance. Like many entrepreneurs, I had what I felt was a great idea. When you’re in that position — a position that many people are in — the advice you receive can be worth a million dollars. Being that I am in business for close to 20 years, I have experienced different pitfalls and try ro guide clients away from those mistakes. Sometimes all they need is advice on how to approach a brand or license; sometimes it’s how to approach the customer and build their business. Every business has different needs; it’s not one-size-fits-all, so every client gets advice for their situation.”

— Elie Levy, Volunteer

Ideas to Go Upstream

“I was paired with Michael Wahba advising a client who had an idea for a financial product that exists already and is successfully working internationally. He wanted to set up the same thing in the U.S. We gave him some direction and different avenues of research to explore so that he could develop his idea. Then we met with someone who was in the mortgage industry, whose business had taken a downturn since the credit crisis. We were able give him some ideas to go upstream and obtain more business from the community. Michael gave him some great recommendations on how to tap the commercial market’s mortgage needs.”

— Ezra Hedaya, Volunteer in the Finance Industry