Menachem Lubinsky Talks about “Thinking beyond the Product”

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With over 30 years of experience, Menachem Lubinsky has gained the title of “leading strategic marketing expert.”  As founder and CEO of LUBICOM Marketing & Consulting, Lubinsky has provided innovative marketing strategies and solution to over 1,000 clients by forcing them to think beyond the product.

Creating that unique product is just half the battle. When introducing a new product or concept to the food industry, there is no magic wand. A successful launch means good distribution, a well thought out marketing campaign, and the use of demos and social media to get those influential foodies talking. Menachem Lubinsky recommends thinking about the following questions before even developing a marketing campaign:

  • Why should the consumer buy this product?
  • What is in it for them? (Health, taste, Innovation, etc.)

Marketing the product: The marketing of the product is a very important aspect of the business; however, if not done correctly, things can go sour very quickly! One of the most common mistakes any entrepreneur or brand can make is to copy or mimic an existing product. Other factors such as lack of research and sloppy presentation are at the top of the no-no list as well. Lubinsky explains, “In my experience, I’ve seen brands place a product on the shelf without any marketing or prior research, with an overpriced ticket and poor presentation (i.e. packaging). Worst of all is not delivering on promises such as health or taste. A smart approach always includes consulting with competent professionals and thoroughly studying the market and history of the product you intend to produce.”

Attending tradeshows: A great way to research a product is by attending tradeshows. At these shows, entrepreneurs and brands have an opportunity to get a clear idea of whom they want to sell their product to and how they want to sell it. By introducing a product in this environment you can get a feel for response and likeability. Lubinsky states, “If your product is truly revolutionary, then retail chains can be considered, but if it is more ordinary, start with the smaller stores. In my experience, my motto was always: ‘you never know!’”

Considering a broker: A decision to hire a broker may well be one of the most critical points that entrepreneurs and new brands have to address. This decision can determine the initial introduction of a new company and product. Many startup companies have a tendency to neglect this part of the business in the early stages because of the tremendous focus placed on the product itself. So, when should entrepreneurs use a broker? “Brands or entrepreneurs should consider a broker if they can’t find a good distributor, if a broker has an in with certain retailers or if the broker has a particular demand for that product. Otherwise, I would suggest other avenues,” explained Lubinsky.

Through Lubicom Marketing Consulting, Menachem is currently working to help companies take advantage of opportunities; using technology to increase profits. The company will also offer out-of-the-box consulting to companies who are stuck in the box.

By Lolita A. Alford

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