One Click at a Time, Exceed Network Moves Forward with Digital Transition and Name Change


The world around us is changing and evolving every day. Some innovations make doing business easier, some make it harder, but all are impossible to ignore. In 2013, we decided to change our name from The Angel Fund to Exceed Network. The name change brings a renewed commitment to helping a fresh generation of business owners to succeed as they pioneer new models of business.  During our ten years of service, we’ve gained access to professionals in a variety of fields, enabling us to reach a broader clientele and provide up to the minute advances in almost every industry.

During this time, we‘ve also watched as digital and mobile communications have taken commerce by storm. 2013 has helped solidify social media as a mandatory set of communication tools and it has been predicted that social media will remain a top priority in 2014. With this in mind, The Exceed Network has decided to make the digital transition too.  Our organization will now provide you with current news, exclusive interviews and upcoming events through our brand new interactive blog. We will also deliver the latest business trends from a variety of areas and provide a personal look at the work of Exceed Network through our social media channels.

Through this digital transition, we aim to keep everyone well informed and create an experience that is both engaging and relevant. We believe that this transition will create more flexibility for our members and clients, as well as allow Exceed Network to be responsive to events and trends up to the minute, as they unfold. The Exceed Network will also provide a monthly newsletter with announcements and top stories. Please click here to be on the forefront of today’s business world, or if you want to “exceed” wherever your passion leads you.

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