What’s Really App?

whats really app2

Discover this hot app, available at home and on your phone, that make life a little sweeter (Click here to video the video):

Company: FlyCleaners

Founder: David Salama

What they do: FlyCleaners is a new app providing on-demand pick-up and delivery service in Brooklyn in as little as 20 minutes. Users download the app to set up their account and preferences. After confirming the time, the company arranges for a “friendly FlyGuy” to bring a new laundry or dry cleaning bag. FlyCleaners’ partner facilities wash, fold, press and dry clean according to user specifications. The app tracks when the FlyGuy will show up, and users can select appointment times that work best for their schedules. TechCrunch, Vogue and the New York Times, among others raved about their business concept, service, and how well the laundry turned out.


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