New Ideas and Opportunities

“Kim Dabah gave us some tips, customers to see, and ideas of what we can do to get our business up. It was a great meeting and I am very excited to implement all these new ideas and prospects. If someone’s business is not going well, advice like this can lift their spirits. New ideas can change their whole mood and open up a completely new way of thinking. With the encouragement and support of the Think Tank experience, I am confident my new motivation and prospects will take us out of this rut.”

— Yitzi Roz, Client in the Textile Industry

First-Class Advice

“The process was very helpful and I was very impressed with my advisors, Michael Wahba and Ezra Hedaya. They were both brillant, very level-headed, and to the point. It was very encouraging. It’s great to be able to speak to someone when you have an idea — it is first-class advice from people in the field. With a little imagination and help from everyone in the Think Tak, I am confident I’ll be able to take from my background in lay and business and apply it to this  finance project and make it a success.”

— Steven Sabbagh, Client in the Financial Industry

Terrific Soundboards

“The Think Tank was great. Irwin Dayan and Rebecca Harary helped us develop our business model and encouraged us to prepare for the worst case scenario. We need to establish how we would tailor the curriculum and how we would adapt if only a few children registered. They also gave us great feedback on our ideas for expanding the program to help parents. Irwin encouraged us to prepare detailed financial statements. Both of them were terrific soundboards for our curriculum and whole program.”

— Sean Weissbart, Client